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Eco-friendly bullet trap for modern demands on function and durability

Flexotrap® is a bullet trap system that is integrated into shooting facilities or used as individual shooting stations.

Versatile shooting for maximum participation and frequency

Flexotrap® is a bullet trap system that can be used as a subsystem in shooting facilities as well as mobile shooting ranges. The system is scalable, mobile and durable.


Flexotrap® allows the user to operate 22 degrees vertically and 67 degrees laterally in relation to the bullet trap.


Flexotrap® comes in standardized designs that suit most needs, but can also be ordered in unique formats.


Our customers are authorities and companies with armed personnel as well as shooting range manufacturers who integrate bullet traps into their designs. 


Flexotrap® allows the shooter to operate both vertically and laterally. The system's design and features allow everything from individual shooters to larger units to practice frequently and realistically in varied environments.


Flexotrap® can be assembled and disassembled as needed. The same system can be used in a fixed installation and then lifted out to become part of a temporary shooting range. The systems can also be used behind falling targets for for live firing in training fields.


Flexotrap® can be used both indoors and outdoors or as a mobile shooting range in a modular format. The system can be placed where shooting is to be conducted and easily transported away when the activity ends.


Flexotrap® collects the bullet residues which can then be recycled. Individual grids can be easily turned, moved and then replaced. The system is designed for optimized lifespan, is reusable and requires no power supply. There is no environmental impact when restoring temporary shooting sites.

22 degrees vertically

67 degrees laterally

Scalable in width

Height 59-118" (150-300 cm)
Width 55" (140 cm)
Depth 23,6" (60 cm)

A system that meets the demands of the future

Flexotrap® is designed with the environment, function and economy in mind.


Law enforcement agencies, defense authorities, security companies and shooting and sports associations all need to comply with the environmental regulations in the context of firearms training and exercises. These regulations aim to ensure that bullet residues and projectiles do not reach the groundwater and thereby contaminate it.


Flexotrap® collects all bullet debris and lead dust in a container at the bottom through a construction of angled grids. The bullet residues can be easily emptied and turned into revenue through recycling, without the need of a refining process.


Each grid can be easily reversed and replaced within the system, providing maximum material utilization and a long lifespan before service or replacement parts become necessary. 


When Flexotrap® is used as a shooting range or mobile shooting range, no restoration or environmental clean-up needs to be carried out upon de-establishment. 

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The need for flexible and qualified training of a large number of shooters has increased as the security situation has deteriorated. More police officers and larger numbers of military troops must be able to meet several complex threats, which requires conditions for training.


Flexotrap® is designed to allow the individual to train qualitatively and for large volumes of shooters to be trained simultaneously. Therefore, the system can be integrated into shooting ranges, used individually, assembled into temporary shooting sites and installed in containers for transportation by truck between different environments.


All depending on the needs of the user.


Flexotrap® is technology-independent and requires no power supply.


The metal construction makes the system robust and durable, allowing the same system to be reused in different environments as well as expanded or resold.


The robust and autonomous design provides a long lifespan and requires minimal maintenance.


In case of relocation, there is no need to spend resources on restoration and clean-up costs.


The recovery of the collected bullet residues generates revenue when recycled.


The team

Flexotrap® is designed and developed by the company Flexotrap AB and has its origins in many years of experience from the Swedish Armed Forces, the Police Authority and civilian competitive shooting.


The technology has been developed over several years to meet the requirements of professional users and sports shooters, as well as meet today's and future environmental standards.


The company's management consists of people with extensive experience from management at defense companies and defense authorities. Flexotrap® is developed and manufactured in Sweden.

Management & relations

Ten years of experience in management and business development in the defense sector. Extensive experience in brand positioning and organizational development of growth companies. Served in the international operations of the Swedish Armed Forces in Liberia, Afghanistan and Kosovo. Degree in marketing.

Construction & design

Designer with extensive experience from the Swedish Armed Forces and the Police's specialized units. Designed several bullet trap systems for different requirements. Active sport shooter, has represented Sweden in the IPSC World Cup and served in Afghanistan. Degree in political science. Police and reserve officer degree.

Finance & Investor Relations

Entrepreneur and investor with multiple successful company establishments and business sales under his belt. Extensive experience from the Swedish Armed Forces, including service in international missions in the Balkans and Afghanistan, as well as substantial experience in capital raising and business development within the defense and security industry. Officer degree.

Contracts & procurement

Practices as a lawyer in the fields of international trade, tax and strategic products. Trained as a sniper in the Swedish Armed Forces' ranger unit, active reserve officer and has served in the Swedish Armed Forces' international operations in Afghanistan. Law degree, political science degree and reserve officer degree.

Market & communication

More than ten years of experience in marketing and content production in the real estate sector. Has produced several campaigns and marketing strategies for defense companies. Served in the international operations of the Swedish Armed Forces in the Balkans and Afghanistan. Degree in international marketing.

News & press releases

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Become a reseller

Our systems and modules can be integrated into shooting facilities or used individually.


Companies that manufacture, sell or maintain shooting range systems and target equipment can become resellers of Flexotrap®.


Use our bullet trap system to complement the company's offer or integrate the technology into your solution.

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